UF/UF 295: Checks and Balances

So Trump wants to delay the election. Or so he tweeted out Thursday. Can he do that? Does he get to remain in office past 20 Jan with no election?

Both great questions and spoiler, both are a resounding No.

We’ll break it all down along with a top five list of our issues should Tony and I get in the race Trust me, these bitches don’t want us running.

Click and donate to our presidential fund. (We don’t have one, but that would be cool if we did.)

UF/UF 295: Checks and Balances



3 comments on “UF/UF 295: Checks and Balances

  1. Another good one guys! Love the platforms you both have…damn left lane slowpokes they are Everywhere! Stay strong guys!

  2. Duffy Devlin says:

    I don’t have a problem with voting by mail, I have a problem with the State of New Jersey (otherwise known as the armpit of the USA) MASS mailing eveyone who is registered to vote a ballot via mail.

    If you want to vote by mail, request a ballot. I don’t want my ballot mailed. I want to push the vote button. My mother’s ballot arrived at her house where she doesn’t live anymore. My brother had it. I found MANY people failed to change their addresses on their driver’s license (which they know they can get fined for not doing). Where are those ballots going? If you want it, request it.

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