UF/UF 293: Cancel Me Baby

Cancel to the left of me, cancel to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you… Or something like that.

Yeah man lets cancel everything and everybody. That way we can be sure we stamped out everything of which we disapprove.

Well you can cancel my ass to, cause I’ve had about enough of all of you.

Click the link and listen in to see if we’ve said something that will get us canceled.

UF/UF 293: Cancel Me Baby


Cancel Me Baby!

One comment on “UF/UF 293: Cancel Me Baby

  1. Great episode guys! Kerry says while listing the things only women can do/get (pregnancy, menstruate, breast feed) that menopause/hot flashes also make that esteemed list 😉

    We agree with you guys, things in the US are going to get uglier faster. Stay strong and keep the podcasts coming!

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