UF/UF 292: The Conveniently Woke

Nothing gets me going, or gets the discussion going, more than the wishy washy among us. You know the type.

The same people who pick and choose their Christianity and when to apply it are just as bad as this new group; the Conveniently Woke.

This is a group of people who feign social media outrage over one issue, but then use that issue to batter the very people they are supposed to be now supporting.

Look no further than Lady Antebellum, a country group who have decided to change their name to simply Lady A. They are so conscious of how the name may hurt blacks that the members of the group are willing to sue the pants off a black lady who already has the name Lady A to show their wokeness. A name, by the way, Anita White has used for over 20 years, long before it was cool to be rich, white, and show your wokeness to the plight of black Americans.

Yeah, I know, it hurts the brain. Well click the link and we’ll make some sense of it or we’ll disparage and mock it. Either way, you’ll feel better. Tony promises.

UF/UF 292: The Conveniently Woke



Lady Antebellum Sue Black Singer Lady A Over Rights to Her Name ...
We will show our wokeness even if we have to sue every Aunt Jemima in this damn country! Murica! – Lady Antebellum (probably)

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