UF/UF 286: We’re Back!

It’s been a while. Things in Tennessee, and our city in particular, are loosening up quite a bit. With only 27 active cases in Knox County we decided it was time to get back at it.

And whoa nelly what a time to be back on the air.

Anyway glad to be back. Hope you enjoy episode 286 of UF/UF The Podcast.

UF/UF 286: We’re Back!




Pre-pandemic and the last time we touched elbows!


3 comments on “UF/UF 286: We’re Back!


    Bonsoir à tous les deux , ce soit disant virus est fait pour déhumaniser les personnes, leur faire peur et imposer LE NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL par SURPRISE .Bon week end

    • fmlinardo says:

      Bonsoir Joelle. Nous avons déjà entendu cette théorie, mais personne ne nous en a jamais envoyé la moindre preuve. Avez-vous des recherches ou des articles à consulter?

  2. Thank God you are back! Loved this episode! You hit a nerve on the media discussion. In the 21st century, we miss “truth.” There is damn little truth being pushed from any of the media today.

    Welcome back guys! Sending you both, and your families, strength from South Dakota.

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