UF/UF 279: State of…Decay

I’m not even sure what cliché to use anymore.  They’ve all been used, beat to death even. It’s just… it’s just… The Democrats.

If they’re not careful that will becomer a permanent refrain. Russia, Impeachment, Iowa… The Democrats.

They should be scared shitless, but I imagine they have no idea what history is about to write about them.

UF/UF 279: State of…Decay




This feels like it will ends badly.


2 comments on “UF/UF 279: State of…Decay


    Good evening Mr , 2 sont trop agés et du déjà vu , et le dernier un troubleur .Triste AMERIQUE

  2. Interesting 7 days! We rarely differ in our opinions with you guys, but we do think many of the Democratic elites have taken on an anti-American bias. We still love you guys and your podcast! Keep it up!

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