UF/UF 265: “Hold my beer!”

As the Democrats wring their hands over the potential for impeachment hearings Trump offers some new red meat; effectively daring them to do it.

Make no mistake, there are almost no scenarios that have a happy ending for the Democrats here. Nancy knows it and she’s still hedging her bets becasue of it.

Click to hear our breakdown and our new bit UF/UF Crazy Bitch.

You’re welcome America.

UF/UF 265: “Hold my beer!”



The Trump Impeach-o-Meter is getting worse for him.



One comment on “UF/UF 265: “Hold my beer!”

  1. Fran – we must be related somehow. You mention your use of dirty language and I had a young guy I work with tell me that I use the f-word like a comma.

    Nice job on this one guys – You killed us both with the “skeleton smile” crack on Kelly Ann Conway. Damn, you two make us laugh and also remind us that we are not alone in our political leanings/

    Stay strong guys!

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