UF/UF 219: Oh, no, Liz!

UF/UF 219: Oh, no, Liz!

Um,, you probably shouldn’t release results if they don’t support your allegation. No, Liz, you’re not.

And whatever you think of him, don’t try to out Trump Trump

The Dems can’t seem to keep from tripping on themselves as the mid-terms approach. For starters, stop calling everyone Nazis and Facists, and start acting civilized. It’d be something, at least.

Anyway, click and listen to the two most interesting people on the interweb.


Oh yea, memes are making us fat.

One of these is a Cherokee, one is not.

2 comments on “UF/UF 219: Oh, no, Liz!

  1. We are late on listening to this one but man you were wound up Tony! Poor Stephen, he took both barrels tonight even in the grave 🙂 We are with you Fran, the researcher at Duke is an asshole…Copper loves to be hugged. As for fall and the weather, you spend a few winters up here and fall seems pretty docile. You are both welcome anytime for a first hand experience 🙂 Way to go guys!

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