UF/UF 200: The retrospective!

Well I’m a bit shocked but we made it. I thought for sure the government would have closed us down by now or the majority of the political pundits would have been fired and replaced by us.

Since neither of those things happened, we give you a look back at our humble beginnings and walk you all the way through to current day. A peek behind the scenes, as it were, on how we became the podcasting Juggernaut you now love and enjoy each week.

Click the link and buckle up for your ride through podcasting history!

UF/UF 200: The retrospective!




The early days: No mixer board, no Swag, no Alexa. It was hell on earth.



2 comments on “UF/UF 200: The retrospective!

  1. Congratulations on #200 guys! It was awesome! Love the retrospective…wow how things have changed and you guys have nailed most of the events! Keep up the great podcasts!

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