UF/UF 194: All the President’s Men

Well, he can’t keep a lawyer on staff and a few more cabinet members have bit the dust. The big question is who is next? My money is on the Chief of Staff and then John Bolton after that (We celebrate the guy’s entire catalog). But hey, you never know. That’s why they play the games.

Click the link for the rundown on the cabinet, who’s left, who’s gone, and who is safe for now.

UF/UF 194: All the President’s Men





Take a good look. They might not be there long.


2 comments on “UF/UF 194: All the President’s Men

  1. You are never too old to learn something new…snatch cap! Good job guys, we loved the music contest and it was fun to hear Tony with the pressure applied instead of Fran.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Finally Tony had to ante up. Appreciate the listen Chief. Hope your departure from Social Media doesn’t mean you’re dropping the podcast.

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