UF/UF 193: Who’s got next?

Trump fired another one.  This time it’s Sec of State Rex Tillerson. Not gonna lie. This one kind of shocked me. My shock aside this situation begs the obvious question. Who’s next on the Trump carousel?

Click the link and find out, or not.

UF/UF 193: Who’s got next?




Pssst Rex, hey Rex, you’re fired.

2 comments on “UF/UF 193: Who’s got next?

  1. Guys, we are late in listening this one but man, you did a great job with this one! Francis, your word choices were spot on for the content! Thanks for the shout out Tony, I had forgotten about the fantasy Nascar league win. You guys ride with on every road trip to see the Grandkids and your awesome podcasts keep us alive on the road! Don’t stop!

    • fmlinardo says:

      You should have seen the gleam in Tony’s eye telling that Nascar Fantasy League story. I think if they let us we’d go right back to our days teaching on camera with the gang at the TEC.

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