UF/UF 173: Hydrog-Un Kim Builds a Bomb

Well this story is just not going away. Kim Jong Un seems determined to draw us into a fight. He has now tested a 150 megaton hydrogen war head, successfully I might add. The detonation was so powerful it altered the topography of the mountain it was exploded under.

As we sat down to record this episode, Un had fired another missile over Japan. The significance? North Korea is now moving quickly to find a booster that can lift his new toy. The questions abound. How close is he? What will be the US response?

Click the link and we’ll tell ya!

UF/UF 173: Hydrog-Un Kim Builds a Bomb

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(p.s. I was neither drunk nor sleeping during this recording, but rather felled by some weird malady. Still feeling the effects 2 days later. DAMN YOU UN!)


Is Kim about to usher in a Nuclear Winter? We report, you decide!


2 comments on “UF/UF 173: Hydrog-Un Kim Builds a Bomb

  1. Loved 171-173 (we binge-listened across Nebraska and Kansas today). Fran, it seems Jack likes to make some background noise when you are getting fired up! You guys make a long and usually boring trip quite entertaining. Keep up the great podcasts and stay strong. PS: we don’t watch much football (never have) and both think Kapernick is an asshole 🙂

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