UF/UF 168: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

We knew the next 4 years would be a crazy ride. I don’t think either one of us thought the ride might end this quickly and in the atomization of humanity. Fire and Fury – let’s hope not.

People of Guam, be secure in the knowledge that even though your island will be uninhabitable for the next millennia, Kim Jong will be atomic vapor too.

Look out your window…. is there a funny cloud with lightning in it?  No? Good, click the link.

Duck and cover Guamites, duck and cover.

UF/UF 168: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow


What he wished he could have done to Atlantic City.

2 comments on “UF/UF 168: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

  1. This was another great one! Thanks for the shout-out…we only recognized how quick Fran dropped the F-bomb in 176 cuz he rarely does 😉 We really enjoy these podcasts when we travel and can connect on thoughts that are tough to say publicly in this bat-shit crazy world! Stay strong guys!

  2. whatshupp says:

    Ha! we got a kick out of it. I actually checked it and texted Fran. Thanks for listening, we always appreciate it and always great to hear from you. Love to see the picks from SD.

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