UF/UF 160 Media Meltdown

UF/UF 160 Media Meltdown


This week, we will look at the journalistic concept of “I hate you, but hey, I can still be fair.”  Yea, maybe not so much. Listen for yourself.

Man down! The Pope had commitments this week and the Bully goes solo.  It’s not the same but I did what I could.

Who’s bungling what?

I just don’t know how a robber as dumb as the one the murdered Seth Rich (in what the authorities call a ‘bungled robbery’) is smart enough to elude the authorities for over a year. But hey, just call me crazy.   

But you gotta listen.

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You’re Welcome America!

Well, at least they love each other.

2 comments on “UF/UF 160 Media Meltdown

  1. Mark Baldini says:

    I have an explanation as to why the Media is after Trump with such vigor: They are well rested and ready for battle after their 8 year vacation.

  2. whatshupp says:

    Not a bad theory….

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