UF/UF 157: This is CNN… or something.

North Korea readies a Nuke, South Korea mobilizing in response, Iran possibly restarts Nuke program, Syria gasses own people, it’s all …. WAIT! WHAT?  O’REILLY IS OUT AT FOX?! Get me the graphics department, stat! See if James Earl Jones can do a voice over. Dig up all the B-Footage on Bill-O.  And lets’ see if we can get Olberman on for a quick spot.

Ah CNN don’t ever change. Please.

FYI: Hupp has doomed humanity by introducing the singularity in the form of his web connected fridge. And yeah, it’s as terrifying as it sounds. Send help Maytag Man, you’re our only hope. And yes you are looking at a live shot of Hupp’s fridge. Don’t stare into the abyss too long. Kim Jung Un will brainwash you.

Until then just click.

UF/UF 157: This is CNN… or something.

Behold. The begining and the end. All in one fridge. Thanks a lot Hupp. Knew you were in league with Kim.



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