UF/UF 146:From Russia with Love

“Better dead than Red!” Well that was the going phrase when I joined the military in the 80’s. Now looks like everyone wants to be a commie. V-Put is the man apparently. And our man D Trump is crushin hard.

I know I know, it’s all so confusing. But have no fear comrade, we at UF/UF are here to get you to the truthiness of it all. Plus we have a new addition to the studio gallery. We think you’re gonna like it. And Alexa is back to tell us how she will assimilate Hupp in his sleep and begin the take over of the world.(she already controls his stairwell lighting)

But you gotta click!

UF/UF 146:From Russia with Love

Or go to iTunes, search Unfiltered and Unfettered, and join the other thousands of satisfied subscribers. Yes thousands!

You are welcome Amerika!

Who says there is no God!?!

Who says there is no God!?!

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