UF/UF 141: President Donald J. Trump

Ok so sometimes you do life and sometimes life does you. We at UF/UF have been experiencing the latter. But we’re back and boy are we… are we… well, we’re back. And while we were gone the Cubs won the World Series and y’all just went ahead and elected Donald Trump President of the United States. What the F*ck!

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UF/UF 141: President Donald J. Trump

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UF/UF 141: President Donald J. Trump

13 comments on “UF/UF 141: President Donald J. Trump

  1. Jonathon Tuttle says:

    Hey, here’s another one for the top 5 benefits of a Trump Presidency: Ammunition is suddenly available, specifically 22 LR. On Wednesday, my inbox started flooding with Product Arrival Notifications for 22 ammo. That stuff has been scarce as hen’s teeth for almost 4 years. Smith & Wesson & Ruger stock prices have plummeted while the DOW is setting record highs. Suddenly, the prospect of replacing the World’s Greatest Gun Salesman with the World’s Newest Greatest Gun Saleswoman has been replaced with ‘Meh’. I predict hard times for the firearms industry and their lobbying groups. In a few months, AR-15s will be bargain priced.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Not sure what Hupp thinks, but this is nonsense. I don’t like Trump at all. I didn’t vote for him, but he won. He won. Unless someone proves otherwise, he won fairly. Want to see riots? Watch what happens if the electoral college goes against the actual results from election night.

      • Jonathon Tuttle says:

        Yeah, that would be fun. But you talk about the Electoral College to prevent ‘tyranny of the majority’. That allows ‘tyranny of the minority’. Let me give you a ridiculous example: Trump won 29 states. Let’s say, in those 29 states, only 3 people voted, 2 for Trump, 1 for Killary. In the 21 states Killary won, all eligible voters voted unanimously for Killary. So, in the popular vote, 58 people voted for Trump, ~150,000,000 voted for Killary. Should Donald J. Trump be president? If that’s not ‘tyranny of the minority’, I don’t know what is.

        • Jonathon Tuttle says:

          BTW, screw Maine and it’s split EC votes.

        • fmlinardo says:

          Maine and Nebraska. Trump won all of NE’s electoral Votes I believe.

          I get the EC argument, but that is a rare instance. It’s served this representative republic well for a long time. I don’t like the idea of a straight up democracy where 51% decides things.

        • Jonathon Tuttle says:

          I know about NE, but they all went one way. So, maybe a ‘SuperMajority’ of say 55%? That could actually help increase voter participation. States like WY, where they don’t allow Democrats, the Rs don’t need to vote in force because under NO circumstance will the state EVER go blue. So if you are an R, why bother to vote? Well, the R’s in WY will come out if they believe the D’s in Kalifornication can override the EC.

  2. ~C says:

    Listened on my way back from biz trip. I get a nod on hair products, but none on my role in the Front Row Star Wars gang (insert sound of Hupp doing Darth Vader breathing)? Great podcast fellas – really enjoyed that one.

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