UF/UF 137: Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

Three weeks ago we sang a dirge for Trump. He was spiraling out of control, flipping and flopping even. Who knew he would have this kind of resurgence? Well I’m not gonna say I told you so, mainly because I didn’t. All I said was, it’s a long way to November. Now, here we are; Khan is barely an afterthought, Tele-prompter Donald is staying on his prompter and his message, and he’s decided putting 11 million people on trains and sending them somewhere doesn’t sound as good out loud as it did in his head. As a result? Well he’s closing on Hill-dogg who has her own issues. Go figure.

Click the link and we’ll break it all down.

UF/UF 137: Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

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So now what?

So now what?


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2 comments on “UF/UF 137: Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

  1. Jonathon Tuttle says:

    And as you now know, Trump has flopped again and is firing up those trains again.

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