UF/UF 128: No Love like Trump Love

It’s official. Trump love is fabulous. How do I know that? Cause the man told us so. Oh… You thought…. well yes that other thing is official too. Meditate on this: New York Businessman Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President of these United States of America. Democratic challenger yet to be determined.

And in case you were unaware, a Trump presidency will bring love back to these divided lands. Trump love will bring togetherness. In a Trump America we will care for each other, love each other, cherish each other even. He stopped short, in his Indiana victory speech, of saying we would all caress each other. That may come in his first State of the Union speech. With baited breath we wait….

Until then, click.

UF/UF 128: No Love like Trump Love

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You’re welcome America!


Yes We Can!

Yes We Can!


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