UF/UF 126: I’ll come running….

All ya got to do is call…

Not for nothing but I told you people years ago John Kerry was not suited for this job and would make Hillary look like the greatest Secretary of State in the history of the Republic.  Next time maybe you’ll listen. Well big John is lamenting the state of American politics as embarrassing. Let that soak in. John Kerry says American politics is embarrassing. John Kerry.

When this guy thinks you're a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

When this guy thinks you’re a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

Ain’t it good to know you got a friend.

And it is us. Tony, me, the crew at UF/UF. We are your friends.  And as such we have authored the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast. Click the link for Episode 126: I’ll Come Running

Or go to iTunes, search Unfiltered and Unfettered, and join the other thousands of satisfied subscribers. Yes thousands!

You’re welcome America!

Oh and we talked about Trump and some other people too.  Just click the link already.

You’re welcome again.


One comment on “UF/UF 126: I’ll come running….

  1. ~C says:

    Great show.

    “Getting my hopes up is the POINT of fandom” — spoken like a true fan of teams who find new ways to disappoint you…I’m hip.

    The bathroom debacle is a new level of unnerving in a world on the Fast Pass down escalator. Great discussion there.

    Peace fellas ~C

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