UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

Yeah, it’s all Trump all the time around here these days. From having to cancel rallies from threats of violence to claiming there will be riots if he’s not given the nomination even if he falls short of the required delegates, Donald Hairpiece is just filling our windscreen.

So click the link had here our very different takes on The Donald and his rise. One thing we do agree on, it will be Trump-tastic no matter the outcome.

UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

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You’re welcome America!


All hail...

All hail…

One comment on “UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

  1. Nice job guys! We agree that the political process should be followed and if it brings Trump forward, the people have spoken. Maybe the GOP leaders should look in the mirror and recognize they should have done something of value for America with their leadership opportunities? We also agree that their present activities will push Hilldog in unless DOJ does their duty. Keep it up guys, we love ya in the Dakotas.

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