UF/UF 119: 6 no Trump

Hey guess what? An actual debate broke out Thursday. Trump boycotted. Fox showed their ass. And policy was discussed at length for the first time this election cycle. Oh and a Jersey boy made a move. Did you know he’ was a federal prosecutor?

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UF/UF 119: 6 no Trump

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Tease Time!


Yes Don't.

Yes Don’t.

The Jersey Way

So Chris Christie was a federal prosecutor? I had no idea. He only says it every time he opens his mouth. And that’s a lot of times. He made some hay while The Donald was off having a hissy fit.




Trump is afraid of her.

Trump is afraid of her. I ain’t.


The Donald Way

So Trump got skeert that Megyn Kelly was moderating the debate on Fox. So he did what Trump does. He held a fabulous, classy, best ever, event of his own.  A fundraiser for the Vets, in Iowa, televised by CNN and MSNBC at the same time as the debate.



Tune in for the Good News of the Week and our new segment, Here’s the Deal.

But you have to click.

UF/UF 119: 6 no Trump


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