UFUF111: Benghazi? Of course I’m lying, but quit badgering me.

The Benghazi hearing. Oh what a spectacle. The dems are just smooching H’s behind, and the repubs just need to make a point and be done with it. Just FYI, Hillary has ceased to care what you think about it. The republicans have passed their capacity to make a point and wrap it up. This is our government. Protect yourself.

OF course I’m lying, now can we get this over with?

You know, a funny thing, Hillary, in response to a question about why we were there, made the comment that, “America needs to lead, when America is absent, things go badly.” Hey Obama, did you hear that? (re: Syria)





Meanwhile, Ryan says he’ll be the speaker of the house, but he has demands. UFUF wishes him good luck.

Movie Quotes, round two.



So, Linardo, my name doesn’t end in an “O” so I’m not Italian enough for you? C’mere, you goomba

Hupp has quotes from gangster movies, Linardo accuses him of being a racist. Hupp says it’s just because he did so poorly the first time. Anyway, round 2, play the home version if you dare.

UFUF 111: Benghazi? Of course I’m lying, but quit badgering me


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One comment on “UFUF111: Benghazi? Of course I’m lying, but quit badgering me.

  1. fmlinardo says:

    When a dago says my name ends in “___” any vowel is implied. #searchyourfeelingshupp #italianlivesmatter

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