UF/UF 104: Hillary Clinton – The Wiping

Looks like an all Hillary all the time tonight. She clearly has never seen what happens when you pour water on an oil fire. HROD has been dumping bucket after bucket of water on the e-mail issue and the flames keep getting higher and the oil keeps spattering about, covering friend and foe alike. How bad is the mess? Well for that you gotta click.

UF/UF 104: Hillary Clinton – The Wiping

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Tease time.


Nothing will clean up this mess.

Nothing will clean up this mess.

Depends on the definition of wipe…

Fox news reporter.. no a real Fox news reporter, Ed Henry asks Hill-dogg if she wiped the server. She responds with the line that will end her campaign, “You mean with a cloth?” Hubris at its singularity. You heard it here first – Hillary Clinton will not win the nomination.


Amen sista! Amen!

Amen sista! Amen!

Lying lies and the liars who tell them.

Want a textbook example of choking on your own words. Just look left, literally and figuratively.




Tricky Dick II - The wiping.

Tricky Dick II – The wiping.

All the King’s Men

I think we can all agree Hill-dogg didn’t actually wipe her server clean. She’s really not tech savvy. But her people are and they’re starting to crack. Huma destroys her personal blackberry, Clinton for Pres Comm Director says her boss, “Didn’t think this through.”  Rats are jumping before they get jailed.


All this plus a new game show – I’m Running for President! Tune in to hear Hupp try to humiliate me with presidential trivia, again!

But you gotta click.

UF/UF 104: Hillary Clinton – The Wiping

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