UF/UF 94: No room at the inn.

Just when you think there can’t possibly be anymore prominent republicans declaring their desire to be President, along comes Lindsey. Graham that is, Senator of South Carolina. Not to be outdone even thought they were, the Democrats added a candidate to the three already running.

Just in case you’re not sure who is running on the Dem side: Hill-Dogg, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and now in steps former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffe. Hope y’all like close quarters, cause it’s getting crowded up in here.

Tony and I untangle all that for you at no extra charge. But you gotta click.

UF/UF 94: No room at the inn.


This will be abbreviated post tonight and we will not be pod-casting next week.

On a very sad and serious note, my friend, my comrade in arms, my podcast partner Tony, lost his mother shortly after we recorded this episode.

There will be a longer post on the blog in a day or two, but for now we just keep Tony and his family in our thoughts as he says good bye to his loving mother.



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