UFUF 92 – 270 for the win!

In 2012, Obama won the election 303 to 235. That’s electoral college votes, by the way. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election. Actually, it takes five things to win the presidency. Money, Momentum, Message, more Money, and 270 electoral college votes. Ok, maybe that’s 274 things.

Meanwhile, Texas has multiple problems. Last week was an ISIS attack and a conspiracy takeover. This week, bikers shoot it out at “Twin Peaks.”

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UFUF 92 – 270 for the win!




“I hope you guys brought some quarters, I think this is getting ready to run out”









I got little Nukes

Everybody’s favorite psychotic mad man, Kim Jong Un, says he’s got miniaturized nukes and a sub that can shoot them. He’s got pictures. What experts think is he’s got a high-school student with a bootleg copy of Photoshop.


George, your slip is showing

George Robert Stephanopoulos wrote “All Too Human” documenting his time as Bill Clinton’s right-hand man. Which consists of handling a lot of disgruntled women. Apparently he’s now a journalist, and as a journalist, you can’t give money to political candidates, then attack others in defense of the Clintons. Oh, wait, that’s just the mainstream media, yea? To quote one of my college professors, the only qualification for a journalist is “to have a job as a journalist.”

The Electoral College


The Electoral College Map



It takes 270 to be the president and the Republicans need to flip a few states to win in 2016. We discuss the electoral map and how it could happen.


Biker shootout at Twin Peaks




That is not the title of a seventies movie. Bikers shoot it out over turf wars in Texas. Tony says “I’m no Stephanopoulos” and reveals his membership in a biker club, the “H.O.G” (Harley Owners Group). They drive to the Dairy Queen on Tuesday’s for parfaits. Their wives defend the turf if need be. #bikerlivesmatter

All that, plus Google cars that wreck and if you’re a Boy Scout, you can’t get that “squirt gun badge” anymore.

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UFUF 92: 270 for the win

2 comments on “UFUF 92 – 270 for the win!

  1. Nice job guys! I read an article this week that Hillary is not running for President but is running as President….the media is treating her like that too. Keep up the good work on these podcasts!

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