UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.

We didn’t start the fire, but we’re sure as hell gonna talk about it, mock it, and be irreverent towards it. Episode 90 ain’t for the faint of heart. If you’re the easily offended type, maybe skip this one.

All others, well you know what to do.

UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.

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Tease me.

Wow. I got nothin.

Wow. I got nothin.

He’s not a she, but she’s not a he…

Or something like that. We’re really not sure what’s happening with Bruce Jenner. In fact the only thing he made perfectly clear the other night is he’s a republican and not a big fan of Obama. The twitter tizzy was epic as you might imagine.

Now we'll get that justice we so richly deserve.

Now we’ll get that justice we so richly deserve.




Kill it with fire!

A man dies while in police custody. The death is shady to say the least. The community wants change. I know, lets torch the CVS, that’ll fix everything.


To the moon Alice!

To the moon Alice!



Send in the clowns!

I’m not sure what the saturation point is but I feel like we may be getting close. Jon Bolton is joining the party. Yes, the former US Ambassador to the UN thinks he can be that change we’ll believe in. Not much to say now except, All Aboard!



All this plus signs of the apocalypse?!?

How can you not click?

UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.


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