All this over little Britt?


Go get em, Britt-britt

If you’ve not seen the video by now, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is seen saying some nasty, personally demeaning things to the employee of a tow truck company. I watch ESPN regularly, but I don’t specifically remember Britt McHenry.

I’m not feeling outraged like most Americans seem to be. Here’s just a few of my thoughts.

The video is edited. We don’t know all that was being said to her, or what had happened previously.  I’d like to know the other side of the story. Would that justify what she said? I don’t know, maybe. So, you’ve never been screwed and told anyone off?

Mary Katherine Ham started her own twitter stream by tweeting the following:


Apparently this towing company has had quite a  few better business bureau complaints, with many of them specifically concerning the lady McHenry was talking to.  They reportedly have even towed cars that were not in no parking zones. For more information, read the article linked from the Post.

My son had his car towed once. He parked downtown in a “no parking” zone that was specifically designated that so the cops could write tickets and the contracted towing company could tow cars. Do I have any evidence of that? No, but if you saw it, a no parking sign on what’s essentially a deserted street, you’d agree. This was probably 12 years ago. When I went to get the car, the towing fee was 90 dollars. It was four blocks away from where the car was parked. It was legalized robbery sanctioned by the city. The people were rude and nasty. What I said to them would make Britt McHenry look like a pre-schooler.

You’ve never had someone take your car and then screw with you?

I’ve had some epic rants. There was the guy from the water utility, the roofer who worked on our house after the hail-storm, but I’m actually most proud of chewing out the cop that incorrectly filled out an accident report. After going bombastic on him for several minutes, I demanded he change it to accurately reflect the incident (It was an insurance thing). He did. I have just realized, however, that based on current public sentiment, I would have lost at least four jobs in the last 10 years. (At least if I was a low level sideline reporter for ESPN).

What amazes me most is how everyone is the judge and jury of Britt McHenry based on about 40 seconds of video tape. People are calling for her job? Really? Congratulations, you’re all better than her. Which means you think you’re better than someone else, which is what Britt McHenry thinks. But you’ve never said those kinds of nasty things, right? So, yea, you’re better than her. Which is what she thinks. Don’t think about this too long unless you’re smoking weed, in which case, get some Doritos first.

If that doesn’t send you in a circle, try this. People are also calling her the dreaded “B” word, “bully.” But, what if she was being bullied by the tow truck company? Huh, who’s the victim now?

It wasn’t nice, but it’s not a crime. You’ve never told anyone off? Never? You ever say anything that you’re glad wasn’t recorded and put out for the general public? Maybe you’re just pissed that Britt McHenry has more balls than you.

I mean, I’m on social media, and 75% of the people routinely post the nastiest, personally demeaning comments to anyone whose politics differ from theirs. I hear people, men and women, swear without thinking about it in the grocery store. You can’t get away from the F-word these days. But let a pretty little sideline reporter show her mean side and suddenly, everyone’s a Sunday School teacher.

The whole thing was a minute long, for goodness sake. Buck up a little. Does everyone live in gilded cages these days?

To quote President Obama, “Maybe you should get off your high horse.”

McHenry looks exactly like the kind of person who’s probably stuck up and has an attitude. Young, pretty, college graduate, on tv, and not afraid to tell some uneducated, fat women with bad teeth working in a nasty trailer that she’s an uneducated fat women with bad teeth working in a nasty trailer.

Sometimes people need an ass-chewing. I’m not going to critique her style. I thought she was rather calm, but a little more personal than I would have been. She was all down with that sort of “mean girls” act. (Which everyone loves when it’s in a movie). I prefer to go more loud and bombastic. Dude stuff. Launch those swear words like mortar rounds.

This is a lot of nonsense over nothing.

Yes, we should all be better people. I wish people would remember that other than when something like this happens and people can express their outrage and feel better about themselves. Maybe Britt McHenry’s not a nice person. I know some people who are not nice. Some of them are even my friends.  As for the rest of you, as we say in East Tennessee, “bless your heart.”



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