Podcast Season 3 Episode 85: All the President’s Men

Just when you thought the clown car could not fit one more smart person, up steps Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Big difference here though, he has officially declared. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a candidate! I say again we officially have a candidate! Is he for real?

Well, you’ll have to click to find that one out.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 85: All the President’s Men

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On to the tease…

You're not helping bro!

You’re not helping bro!

He’s Canadian Eh?

That’s right ladies and gents. Ted Cruz, senator from Texas, darling of the Tea Party and most likely their official candidate, purveyor of the birther myth, is actually a Canadian. Born in Calgary, he renounced his Canadian citizenship. It’s almost too funny, if it wasn’t so tragic.


No Caption Necessary. He's that cool.

No Caption Necessary. He’s that cool.

Papa Pope’s Pepperoni Pizza

Pope gets delivery to his moving Pope mobile. If he’s not the coolest dude on the planet I don’t know who is.




Japanese enough for me.

Japanese enough for me.

Is that racist?

You bet your white hooded ass it is. Ariana Miyamoto is Japan’s entry to the Miss Universe contest. A lot of Japanese have a problem with it because she’s not “Japanese” enough. Well, she was born there, speaks Japanese as her primary language, and she lives there. You know what, she may have African-American DNA, but she’s freaking Japanese. Hey Japan, have you seen her swimsuit picture?




All that craziness and much more. Don’t miss One Dead Minute and 5 Hard Questions.

But ya gotta click it to be in it.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 85: All the President’s Men

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