Podcast Season 3 Episode 84: Setting the bar or How low can you go?

Tis the season… to conceal. No matter if it’s private e-mails by a gov’t official on a private e-mail system, or the White House exempting themselves from the Freedom of Information Act, if you need to conceal stuff from America, this appears to be the time to do it. How low can they go? Well, tune in and find out.

Click America, click.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 84: Setting the bar or How low can you go?

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On to the tease…

Nothing to see here!

Nothing to see here!

The Legacy, always the Legacy

For a guy obsessed with his Presidential legacy Obama seems intent on making it a bad one. The White House just set the record for amount of documents sealed or redacted. They also just exempted themselves from the FOIA. So the record appears to be in jeopardy.

Nothing to see here either!

Nothing to see here either!

You still have mail!

The controversy seemed to die down a bit. Then the press was handed some leaked info showing Hill-dogg failed to sign her separation form when she became Sec of State. That’s the form that states as a gov’t employee, you will be required to turn over all e-mail sent on gov’t computer or by gov’t email address. Really?

Trump-Rodman 2016!

Trump-Rodman 2016!

Please God, Please!

Make room in the clown car, Republicans. The circus master himself launched an exploratory committee. Yes America, The Donald, the Hairpiece, Trump himself has now spent money on a quasi bid for the Republican nomination for President. Is America ready to be renamed Trumpinstan? We report, you decide!

All that plus Hupp’s favorite game is back. You know, the game where he likes to humiliate me, yes that one, If the poll is right… Don’t miss it.

But you gotta click.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 84: Setting the bar or How low can you go?

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