Podcast Season 3 Episode 83: You’ve Got Mail!

Something stinks in Clinton-ville. No one is that dumb unless they are hiding something. I’ll bet President Clinton a bag of pork rinds his wife, while not tech savvy, is smart enough to know what she did was wrong. So the question is what is the real story? We dig deep tongiht on UF/UF The Podcast.

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Podcast Season 3 Episode 83: You’ve Got Mail!

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On to the tease…

E-mail! We talkin bout E-mail!

E-mail! We talkin bout E-mail!

A trail of mail

Hill Dogg finally addresses the e-mail controversy as only a Clinton can; laughing all the way to no consequence land. HRC laughs off the issue saying she didn’t want to carry two devices to use two separate e-mail accounts. Hill, my girl, fire everyone of your aides and staffers. They’re absolutely killing you.



Dear God how did it ever come to this?

Dear God how did it ever come to this?

Heard it through the grape vine.

So I guess it’s official. The most powerful man in the world is getting his national security, domestic crisis, and just about any other pertinent news from Wolf Blitzer. Yes The situation Room with Wolf Blitzer has supplanted the Ops Center in the White House for updating the President on things that matter. Sign of the apocalypse? We report, you decide.


Yes, yes they did.

Yes, yes they did.

We’ll always have Bibi.

Days after Israeli Prime MInister Netanyahu speaks in congress on dangers of a nuclear Iran, Senate Rs write a letter to the leader of Iran trying to warn him of the bad deal he’s getting from Obama. Treasonous? Underhanded? Embarrassing? We report, I’ve already decided!

What do you think?

Did those senators committ treason by going behind the president’s back to warn Iran the deal is no good or not valid?

Let us know in the comments or e-mail us at theunmail@yahoo.com

But first you gotta click.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 83: You’ve Got Mail!


2 comments on “Podcast Season 3 Episode 83: You’ve Got Mail!

  1. Mark Baldini says:

    Mark my words, you guys are completely wrong about the Walking Dead. I won’t go into details about why I think you are wrong (too verbose), but just wait and see. Do you really think a bunch of cocktail party suburbanites could survive the Zombie Apocalypse by being cocktail party suburbanites? There is a second, shadow group we haven’t seen yet.
    And here is a free prediction: In the season finale, the sh!t will hit the fan and Morgan Jones will come to the rescue of Rick and the group.

  2. whatshupp says:

    You’d have to be more specific about what we’re wrong about. I don’t read the comic books, my commentary is based strictly on the show. Obviously there’s at least one other group, perhaps two. However, your comment is valid and noted. Gracias.

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