Podcast Season 3 Episode 82: Fast and Loose with the Public Trust

In coming up with the snazzy titles for our podcasts I usually peruse the script from the show. A lot of the time the title jumps out at me. Today’s script was not as forthcoming. But after staring at all the bullet points and thinking about what we said from them, one thought hit home; Trust.

It occurs to me that politicians, celebrities, and media are really playing fast and loose with our trust, the public trust, these days. The public trust is not to be trifled with in my opinion so it’ll be interesting to see the ramifications, or if there will be any.

Tonight on UF/UF the podcast:

Fast and Loose with the Public Trust

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On to the tease…

Yes Bill, yes it does.

Yes Bill, yes it does.

O’Lielly takes a bite outta Corn

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly told some tall tales in his book about his Falkland War reporting. In a two for one deal, David Corn the editor at Mother Jones who broke the story, was clearly on a jihad against O’Reilly. Was Corn being a journalist or political hit man? We report, you decide!


Less than legendary John. Less than.

Less than legendary John. Less than.

Legend of the Spin

John Legend and Common won the best song Oscar for the movie Selma. Legend’s speech cites stats showing more black men in “the system” than ever were enslaved. Is that supposed to be an apt comparison? What are we to take from the fact the slaves were innocent and most of the black men in “the system” now, committed crimes to get there? I have no idea. Do you?




Don’t drone me bro!

In a chilling admission that sends world leaders scrambling, Martha Stewart reveals she has a squadron of drones she uses to spy on her guests. She intends to take over most of the developed world with her drone fleet. Can she be stopped? Hey Hupp has drones.

Help us obi-Hupp! You’re our only hope!

ps Your paint still sucks you dirty communist.



So public, your trust is on the open market, for sale to the highest bullshitter. What do you think about that, or about B Williams or Bill O’Reilly or any of it?

Let us know in the comments or e-mail us at theunmail@yahoo.com

But first you gotta click.

Fast and Loose with the Public Trust

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