Podcast Season 3 Episode 80: Taxers, Axers and Anti-Vaxxers

Big show tonight as UF/UF turns the big 80. That’s right, 80 episodes and going strong. A new finish for you tonight as well as some old favorites. Who Said That is back! Sit back, click, enjoy. Your welcome America.


Podcast Season 3 Episode 80: Taxers, Axers and Anti-Vaxxers

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On to the tease…

Edgar Allen Pelosi

Edgar Allen Pelosi

Say it ain’t so Nancy!

Pelosi says she may write a book about the effort to get the ACA, aka Obamacare, passed in congress. Sounds like a snooze fest to me, a veritable word tax if you will. I wonder if we have to buy it before we know what’s in it.



Tommy poopy hands Tillis

Tommy poopy hands Tillis

Don’t Wash On Me

NC  Senator Thom Tillis wants to ax the health care code that says food workers must wash hands after using the bathroom. It’s gov’t over reach he says. He prefers employees decide for themselves and the restaurant just place signs indicating such and then let the market just sort it all out. I got nothin.


We are DOOMED!

We are DOOMED!

We want Polio! When do we want it? NOW!

The anti-vax movement has been successful in reviving measles and mumps, two diseases that were all but eradicated years ago. The movement’s gluttony of mis-information, outright lies, and conspiracy theories debunked years ago have found solid footing on social media. Because of that Tony and I are going into the iron lung business. That’s where we’re headed folks. Enjoy your vaccine free, dead bodies.


All this and so much more. But you gotta click our measles free link.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 80: Taxers, Axers and Anti-Vaxxers

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