Podcast Season 3 Episode 78: You’ve got a friend in me…

Great show for you tonight. I promise none of this is made up. Secretary of State John Kerry did go to Paris, he did bring James Taylor, he did engage in what can best be called a creepy musical courting of Paris Mayor Anne Hildago and he did apologize to the French for jilting them on their giant march/protest type thing.

We talked about other stuff too. But for that you have to click.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 78: You’ve got a friend in me…

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On to the tease…

Je Suis Creepy

Je Suis Creepy

Is this thing on?

Kerry and Taylor get down for the French. It is not to be believed. Here’s the link so you can see for yourself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.





Who gets stuck with that job?

Who gets stuck with that job?


Patriots smash Colts in the face 45-7. Accusations fly the next day claiming Patriots tampered with/under-inflated the 12 footballs they were allotted for the game. Soft balls were definitely the problem for the Colts. But it had nothing to do with footballs. Know what I’m sayin.



The Empire is just alright with me.

The Empire is just alright with me.

These are the droids you’re looking for.

7 Year old Liam Porter from Georgia was born without a left arm from the elbow down. Thanks to 3D printing he now has the coolest, fully functional, prosthetic this side of the Jedi Temple. There is a New Hope for humanity after all.



All that plus a breakdown of the State of The Union address. And a whiny rant by Linardo on why he failed to watch it.

Click the link. Or do you really want to risk all your cool points? I think not.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 78: You’ve got a friend in me…

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