Podcast Season 3 UFUF76: New Year-a-pallooza!

We’re back and better than…. well, we’re back

After fighting off the flu the kids are right as rain and UF/UF is back at it for the new year. Come see what all the fuss is about in 2015.

But ya gotta click.

Hey folks, it’s Season 3. Yea,, that’s right. No one has made us stop yet.

UFUF76: New Year-a-pallooza!

On to the tease

The Governor of New Jersey is a cowboy. Jerry Jones invites him down for the first playoff win since the Titanic. The resulting celebration is the oddest coupling since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie.

I mean, I don’t care who you root for, but c’mon man, that’s just wrong.

chris and jerry

Chris and Jerry, sitting in a tree, Kay eye…ah, cmon, please, just stop









I put this in here because I can. Congrats to the Oregon Ducks and “The Ohio State Buckeyes” on reaching the finals in the first ever college football playoffs. Hang on Sloopy.


What’s our pick?








Listen,  congressman, don’t you watch “Game of Thrones?” If you run at the King and lose, you lose your head.

Beside, “Gohmert and Yoho” sounds like a…well, anyway.


Yea, I found out where Biden does his tanning. Now, who wants a piece of me?









New York cops turn their backs on De Blasio during a funeral. Classless? Valid Statement? We discuss, you decide.

cops turn their backs







A terrible tragedy in France. We can feel sorry all we want, but unless we start dealing with the issue for what it is, we’ll never stop it.


Murdered for a cartoon






Plus, we offer a total of ten ways we can make the world a better place in 2015. Well, at least for us.

That alone is worth the listen.

However, as always, there’s so much more.

You gotta click. Better yet, go tune iTunes, search for UnfilteredUnfettered, and subscribe.








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