Podcast Season 2 Episode 72: The Turkey Trot

With riots in Ferguson, idiots in the Senate, and illegal immigrants running wild, can you tell it’s Thanksgiving? I mean look at that list of turkeys! I’m here all week folks, tip your servers and try the veal. Seriously, I’m not sure we’ve had a bigger rogues gallery of dunces, doofuses, and dumb dumbs on one podcast at one time. We may break the internet.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 72: The Turkey Trot

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On to the tease…

Trying to save their store.

Trying to save their store.

We’ll teach those buildings about racism!

No indictment for the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. In perfectly logical retaliation, the black community of Ferguson burns the business of innocent, law abiding citizens, robs the liquor store and ransacks the town. Genius, pure genius. Just proves they never wanted justice in the first place, just vengeance. How’s that working out fellas? Nothing but turkeys in Ferguson.


You're not helping bro!

You’re not helping bro!

We’ll teach those executive orders a thing or two!

Senator Ted Cruz goes batshit crazy over Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. He says they, meaning republicans, will now block every cabinet appointment made by Obama in retaliation. Nice one Ted, that will fix immigration. Wouldn’t it have been easier to burn your chair in the Senate? Turkey


Wrong finger sir.

Wrong finger sir.

Speaking of immigration…

It’s not uncommon for second term presidents to do these types of things once they get past the mid-term election; especially if the election didn’t go their way. But can this move by Obama be described as anything other than a middle finger to the new republican controlled senate? The exec order didn’t fix immigration either, by the way. Turkey  – Mr President.

All this and more. Tune in as Tony mangles American history because the White House told him to do it. Turkey.


Podcast Season 2 Episode 72: The Turkey Trot

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One comment on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 72: The Turkey Trot

  1. Joe Thornell says:

    Nice job guys! Lots happening as you discussed that requires a thinking America that sometimes does not seem to exist. Keep it up!

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