Podcast Season 2 Episode 70: Fallout, Butts Out, I’m Out

Lots and lots to cover tonight. Kimmie the K breaks the internet with her butt. Dems are still in the mourning period. They are at stage 4: The Ugly Cry, of the 5 stage process. And the Obamacare bill’s chief architect explains in detail how the administration had to, I say had to, misrepresent the bill in debates and in writing so it could pass.

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Tease time.

That's a butt!

That’s a butt!

Seeing is believing …

Kim Kardashian breaks the internet by posting pics from her latest photo shoot. She shows off her best asset on the cover. In the pages she shows off her 2nd and 3rd best assets.  Yeah, a full frontal. And her guidance counselor said she’d never amount to anything.





Amen brother

Amen brother

We’ve been Gruber’d

Herr Gruber gives a detailed account on how the Obama administration counted on and then blamed the, and I quote, “stupidity of the American voter” in order to get the health care reform act through congress. He goes on to offer transparency is ridiculous and was never going to be a thing inside O’s White House.


Well I’m out folks. Take me home cause I’ve seen enough to know I’ve seen too much.

Listen in for all that plus our Top 5 Military movies of all time, as decided by us.

Don’t miss it!

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One comment on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 70: Fallout, Butts Out, I’m Out

  1. Jerry Bivins says:

    Thought you guys would get a kick out of this cartoon. Jerry Bivins

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