Podcast Season 2 Episode 69: They’re gonna need a bigger boat.


Although not many survivors. The carnage was gruesome and total.

The democrats got rolled Tuesday night. What became apparent, to me at least, was how the take over of the Senate became the minor story. The down ticket races: governors, house of representatives, city mayors, ballot amendments, all seemed to break for republicans. That became the major story as the senate was in GOP hands the second Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell close-lined Allison Lundergan Grimes by a huge margin.

Even bigger story tonight, we are no longer faceless voices. Our non-compete clause with the U. S. Air Force has expired (not really) and we’re back baby. Feast your eyes on the glory that is Hupp and Linardo back on camera, together, without need of legal counsel. Watch our intro then click the link to the greatest podcast ever produced by two old fat guys with internet access. It’s our first appearance on camera since 2004 so go easy. They will get better.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 69: They’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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Tease time.

Well I guess thats that.

Well I guess thats that.

Ohh that stings a bit!

Hard to describe what happened to democrats on Tuesday. Whatever it was rest assured the President’s final two years just got a lot more difficult. But at least he has two more years. Several of his party are heading for the government cheese line.


Needless to say this will be the topic of discussion in most of our bits tonight. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Election Coverage 2014: The Ass Kicking.

Click the link. Unless you’re a democrat and you ass hurts too much.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 69: They’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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