Podcast Season 2 Episode 66: D is for dummy…

…and delusional, derp, Davis, and Democrat. Yes it seems the folks who have been running rings around the republicans and the tea party when it comes to winning elections have decided to take a page from the losers. Good strategy. You don’t want to seem piggish and win em all.

So Wendy Davis implodes on her bid for Texas Governor, Charlie Crist out use car salesmans Scott for governor of Florida, and Kay Hagan is a no show, yeah a no show for the only debate between Senate Candidates for the seat she currently occupies.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 66: D is for dummy…

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Tease time.

D is apparently for something else too...

D is apparently for something else too…

D is for Davis…

And all the dumb things she does. After bashing her opponent for being wheelchair bound, she calls him out on his lack of opinion over an interracial marriage ban. Well for starters Ms Davis, there is no such ban proposal. Secondly Ms Davis your opponent is in an interracial marriage. Exactly how do you think he feels about it?






Now accepting applications

Now accepting applications

D is for Didn’t Know That…

Three american female teens are apprehended in Germany on their way to join ISIS. They claim they were fulfilling a vision. Hey ladies, envision this; reports are that in most ISIS controlled cities, labor camps are filled with women who are rapped repeatedly through out the day. Every day.


I'm poorer..    No I am..

I’m poorer.. No I am..

D is for Debates Not Worth Having…

Charlie Crist and Rick Scott put on a chilling display of dumb during the Florida Governor’s Debate. Both tried to out poor the other during the “Tell us about yourself” portion of the evening even thought both are now very wealthy. How’d that play to your constituents who are currently struggling, fellas? Let me guess, not very well.

All that plus a new segment – One Dead Minute. It’s a recap of the Walking Dead series. Don’t miss it.

Click the link or zombies will come to your house and mix your whites with your darks in the wash cycle.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 66: D is for dummy…

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