The IRS Has Fudge Leaking From Their Mouth


Your IRS hard at work


When my sons were younger we used to go to my sisters for Thanksgiving. Now, my sister would make some ass-kicking fudge for Thanksgiving. We looked forward to it. Aunt Kimmie’s fudge. Oh yeah.

So, this particular year, Josh, my oldest, about 3-4, talking pretty well, and we go to Aunt Kimmies. Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, we’re sitting in the living room watching TV, and Josh is missing. His Mom calls out for him, “Joshua, where are you?” So Josh comes walking into the living room, little pretty toe-head, and his checks are bulging. BULGING. His Mom asks him “Josh, have you been into the fudge?” He shakes his head “no” and murmurs “nuh-uh” without parting his lips. Meanwhile, fudge is starting to leak from the corners of his mouth. As we start to cover our mouths from laughing, his Mom says “Are you sure?” He shakes his head “yes,” murmurs “yuh-huh” while chocolate fudge is starting to stream from the corners of his mouth. His mom got up to take care of it and I rolled of the couch in full hysterical laughter, one of those situations where the comedy rolls over any discipline required.

So let’s just be clear, because it seems no one knows this. (Perhaps it’s because the media’s not reporting it?) There’s no question the IRS targeted conservative groups. If you’re not aware, read the Inspector General for Tax Administration Report” linked here. It’s not a debate, it happened. I’m still amazed how many people don’t know this. To me, that fact should make this issue non-political. The most powerful bureaucracy in the United States targeted groups based on political affiliation. Politicians, regardless of their side, should be willing to find out what happened in support of the American people. That ain’t happening. And if you don’t care about that simply because you belong in the other group, you’re an idiot with no clear idea about the United States. Stop reading and go back to your idiot life.

So, I watched CNN this morning to see how long it would take for them to mention the Senate hearings on the IRS scandal. After 45 minutes I had to stop and go to work. You know, pay taxes.

So I looked on their website to see if I could read about it. The only article they had was an editorial titled “Top IRS official beats back Republican barrage.” The IRS is cheating and lying, and CNN calls it a Republican barrage. Oh my God.

So, now the questions are; who did what? Who knew about it? How high did it go?

Well, the IRS has fudge leaking from their mouth. While they shake their head “no” fudge is pouring from the corners. Lerner takes the fifth, twice.

Ok, she can take the fifth, let’s just get her e-mail. When e-mails are requested, they gasp and say, “nuh-uh,” they’re gone. Oh, you’re naughty, you’ve got fudge streaming down your face.

Do you believe this? Are you ok with the IRS lying about what they’re doing? If you are you should be ashamed of yourself. Wrong is wrong, there comes a time when politics has to play backseat. Nixon had to go.

During Senate testimony, David Ferriero, Archivist of the U.S., said when pressed of the IRS “”They did not follow the law.” Which, to most people, means “They broke the law.”

In case you didn’t watch any of the Senate hearings, which I did, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen acted like a smarmy idiot who had no intention of answering any questions honestly. He told the committee “All the emails we have will be provided. I did not say I would provide you emails that disappeared. If you have a magical way for me to do that I’d be happy to know about it.” He added, “I never said I would provide you emails we didn’t have.”

In other words, he’s saying I’m not going to mention emails that have disappeared, these are the only ones we have. Apparently Koskinen went to the Clinton school of testimony. He’s a liar. He needed taken out, slapped around by the Macho Man, (RIP) and be told to go back in and try to tell the truth. You’ve got fudge running down your face, John. You’re a public servant, you ass. The IRS is supposed to be apolitical. This is about taxes and you’ve shown no effort to show any accountability. None. Unbelievable. (Koskinen, in case you’re wondering, is a Democrat who’s made huge donations to the Democratic party. I’m not sure whether you needed me to say that, but there it is).

Are you tracking with this? I’m not a lawyer, but I know liars when I see them.

The media, and Obama supporters, better wise up. This can’t stand. Fix it before it turns on you.

Regardless of your politics, the IRS is lying to us. One of the worst organizations that could lie to us, is lying to us.



3 comments on “The IRS Has Fudge Leaking From Their Mouth

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  2. gwes25 says:

    Just asking, but, are you sure it’s “fudge” coming out of the IRS’s mouths!

  3. whatshupp says:

    not positive…

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