Podcast Season 2 Episode 44: Transparency redefined.

Awesome show tonight. We’ll take on the English language as we try to define transparency in a manner suited to the Obama Administration. Wish us luck with that. And hold on to your hats, T-NAK returns. Fresh from his rejuvenating pilgrimage to Akron, T-Nak the magnificent returns to release his knowledge on us. Don’t miss it!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 44: Transparency redefined.

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On to the tease…

Wow. Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

To Cool for School

As the throngs of people rush the Pope Mobile, Pontif 1, Pope Francis lets two kids hop in the glass house on wheels for the ride of a life time. Is there a cooler guy on the planet right now. We report, you decide! But I think not.




Spaceballs The Administration

Spaceballs The Administration


The war on journalism by the Obama Administration continues. A liberal leaning CBS reporter is the latest victim and she’s calling out her profession for cowering in the shadow of the Nixonian style tactics of the Obama communications Junta.




Heaven Help Us

Heaven Help Us

Heaven Can’t Wait

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he’s a lock for heaven if God exists. He’s earned it he says. It’s a no brainer he says. This is bad I say. This smells like the start of the Apocalypse I say. Start stockpiling water. Now.






You don’t want to miss it.

Click the link.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 44: Transparency redefined.

Then tell us what you think, ask questions, argue with us, mock us. Do it in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com

7 comments on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 44: Transparency redefined.

  1. JETSR says:

    Nice job guys! I was feeling guilty Hupp about putting an “I am blessed” emoticon on FB..I will stop. Love the press segment; it is becoming dangerous to say or report what you think in this country under this transparent administration. Keep it up!

  2. ~C says:

    1 – Hupp – Watching golf = boring. Completely understand your take…especially having seen your “swing” in action and wishing there was such a phenomena as “unseeing.” But please don’t equate shooting a foul shot and the requisite noise that accompanies that, with trying to hit a golf ball 600 feet onto a small landing area, full of undulation(s), over sand and water, with wind potential, with no one there to “pick you up” should you miss.

    Now, having said that, if you want to allow fans to yell and heckle…I’m down with that. As long as they’re allowed to on every shot, so the inevitable silence is not interrupted by a single belt of “Hey Stadler, how about mixing in a salad?” in the middle of half-million putt.

    Sound fair?

    2 – Great segment on Ms. Roberts – class act. Hate the way she’s been treated inside the gay “establishment,” but can’t say as I’m surprised. Nailed that point boys.

    3 – Transparency, or lack thereof, in this administration. Note to the O team – when Linardo, arguably one of the best debaters of our time, and a proudly proclaimed liberal, points out your perpetual shortcomings, it’s time to zip it and listen. It’s become a borderline joke, for me anyway…and it’s no joking matter.

    4 – Hupp – “They’re not governing, they’re just trying to figure out how they want things to appear to the masses” (paraphrased within quote) – – classic that. Pure classic.

    5 – Separating the two – marriage and civil union identification…yes, but as you both said, will never happen. Doesn’t advance the agenda…and yes, there is one.

    6 – LOVE the T-Nak music…and the segment.

    Awesome job fellas, as always…will be by for another in-studio view soon…

  3. whatshupp says:

    C – Always love the comments, and there’s always an open invitation for an in-studio. However, I’ll compare a golf shot and a foul shot if I damn well please. The game(s) should at least respect the fans, No fans=no players. “Full of undulations”? That’s stretching. Did you type that with a straight face?
    Seriously, always love the feedback and comments

  4. ~C says:

    Don’t be a hater Linardo…my length has always scared you.

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