Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin

Weird show tonight. An unintentional theme popped up so we just ran with it. In short, as campaigners, the Republicans couldn’t hit the water if they fell off a boat. We talk about several examples of the Rs blowing their own feet off just 6 short months from a chance at taking the Senate and retaining the House. Can the recover? Can they win? We report, you decide!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin

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On to the tease…

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes.

Timing, it’s always the timing.

Ill informed and ill timed, our gal Sarah tags Rep Paul Ryan as a RINO. It was less than two years ago she was hailing him as the savior of conservatism now she’s calling him a joke and a RINO. Mid-term elections are this November, was the really the time for this SP?



C'mon Reince. You have to be ready for this stuff.

C’mon Reince. You have to be ready for this stuff.

Blocky McBlockertons

GOP stops the Fair Pay Act. Legislation was crappy but the Rs seem unprepared for the spin applied by the Democrats. So what looks like a good decision to stop bad legislation is being reported as another road block by the party of NO. RNC Chair Reince Prebius is not ready for the big leagues. Should the Rs change horses right before the mid-term elections? You bet your ass they should, if they want to have a chance in 2016.


Tea Party gives John a sad.

Tea Party gives John a sad.

You have to vote for it to find out what’s in it? 

Speaker Boehner pulls a Pelosi and sneaks a bill past House members. The bill fixes medicare holes that would hurt doctors, but unknown to Tea Party members who did vote for it, the bill expands Obama-care making it easier for small business to sign up. The tri-corner hat guys are pissed and have declared war on establishment repubs. Get your popcorn folks, this is gettin good.


Getting deeper into the weeds of election analysis.

You don’t want to miss it.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin

Then tell us what you think, ask questions, argue with us, mock us. Do it in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com

9 comments on “Podcast Season 2 Episode 43: Bumblin, Stumblin, Fumblin

  1. JETSR says:

    Another good podcast guys! I even got mentioned! I remember you saying that phrase to me Fran 🙂 Enjoy Masters Week!

  2. Mark Baldini says:

    OK, I’ve got 3 comments, and I’ll do them in chronological order.
    1. Tony’s favorite Bond girl absolutely must be Pussy Galore. Goldfinger.
    2. Eric Holder is a idiotic moron. Regarding smart gun technology. Ask any cop or infantryman if they want a fingeprint reader to work before they can fire their weapon.
    3. Equal Pay. At my last job (at a leading technology company), my title was Senior Product Development Engineer. Sounds better than it was. Anyway, at my grade level, the pay range for that exact level/title was ~$60,000 – $120,000 /yr. The reason for that was that some people are better than others and deserve to be paid more. And on the same topic (Electrical Engineer), females & minorities are recruited much heavier out of college than others. Once in the job, for the exact same experience and contribution level, they get paid slightly MORE than others in order to retain them, since their are so few around.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Well as far as #2 goes, it seemed to work well for Judge Dredd. On #3 there is an equal amount of anecdotal evidence saying just the opposite. Sears pays female department managers differently then they do male department managers, when all other factors are equal. Actually my boss when I worked in the hardware dept had more seniority and she still made less than newly hired male counterparts. It’s just not as black and white as the media is making it out to be.

  3. ~C says:

    – Smart Car tipping – an epidemic? LOL…only in Cali.
    – Zoom-Zoonio (sp?) – missed the Phil Collins connection 🙂
    – Top “5” bad movies — gotta love Waterworld…and people still think you can’t shut your neo-cortex down for a couple of hours?
    – Hupp…never happy until he can invoke a “Stadler” reference. Lives for that LOL
    – I’m gonna need a new sign off…”Hupp out” ain’t working for me.

    BTW – if I’m not for gay marriage, and I’m a Christian, does that make me radical?

    Yeah…I listened all the way through…now get off my back.

    Awesome cast boys.

    • fmlinardo says:

      How in the world would being a Christian against same sex marriage make you a radical? That puts you squarely in the majority.

      • ~C says:

        In the Prop 8 discussion, which was awesome, you were talking about how the LGBT community needs guys like you “on the bus” and they would always have the “radical tea partyers and the radical Christians” against them. You went on to talk about “middle of the road Christians.” Guess I’m just trying to figure out where I fit if I don’t support LGBT lifestyle and/or same-sex marriage.

        Great topic that needs dialogue, for sure.

        • fmlinardo says:

          Yeah I didn’t spell that out as well as I could have.

          Basically what I was saying is there is a very small group moderate christians who do support same sex marriage on a civil rights basis.

          So the LGBT community will always have it’s detractors from the usual places, be that the radical right, the mainstream church, or people like Tony who may not be in either of those two groups but feels very strongly about the role marriage plays in our culture and society.

          So that small group of allies in the mainstream church is important. Pissing it/me off by making it impossible to have free thought if it fails to lockstep with the LGBT line is not a smart strategy in my opinion.

          That sounded more clear in my head than it reads I think.

          We may have to hit a lunch and hash this out.

        • ~C says:

          Got it.

          Definitely lunch – always enjoy our talks.

          BTW – looked up Tammy Bruce…she’s a very interesting lady. Thx for the prompt.

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