Bridge-nado, a media feeding frenzy to save Hillary.

bridgenadoIf you read this blog, you know how I feel about the mainstream media. They represent themselves as something they are not. As exhibit A, I give you the Chris Christie Bridge scandal, vs. the Obama /IRA/NSA/Benghazi scandal. Even in light of the fact the State Department has just decided to name groups in the Benghazi attack, that headline will run behind this awful, awful bridge scandal.  I have stopped being amazed that they say a lot of the things they do with a straight face, as if they actually believe any of it. It’s still a shame.

This is why that such slanted reporting is such an issue. At this point in our country, the media is driven by two things: money and politics. I’m not always sure that’s the correct order.  Any of the other scandal stories of the Obama administration have far larger implications than this, but you’re going to get a steady diet of this one until you’re as big as Christie.

Christie has apologized and fired someone. Obama has yet to hold anyone accountable for anything. I digress, that’s another subject. Back to the media whores.

Part of my amazement is that, whether he knew anything or not, the bridge closure didn’t affect people on a national scale. Not like the IRS targeting political groups. Not like an American Ambassador assassinated in an embassy and then a government-sponsored lie to cover it up. Not like the NSA spying on EVERYONE.  But, no matter, the mainstream media sees blood in the water and are in full feeding frenzy that they could rip apart one of the people that has a legitimate shot to beat Hillary. That’s what this is about.  They think they’ve got him and they won’t let go until they get him or are damn sure they can’t.

On to some of the coverage so far.

According to the Media Research Center,

In less than 48 hours, ABC, CBS and NBC deluged viewers with coverage of Chris Christie’s traffic jam scandal, devoting a staggering 88 minutes to the story. In comparison, these same news outlets over the last six months have allowed a scant two minutes for the latest on Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service scandal. The disparity in less than two days is 44-to-one.

Today, it was the top headline on “What’s next for Christie after bridge-scandal apology?”

This was closely followed by “Experts weigh in on what’s next for N.J. Governor and whether his apology was effective.”  I supposed that’s because the mainstream media wouldn’t recognize an apology from any other current politicians.

On, if you scrolled down to their politics section, 5 out of 7 headlines were about Christie.


Yes, the last one is “Five questions Christie needs to answer.” Yes, absolutely, we need to get to the bottom of this bridge thing immediately. Christie should call Lois Lerner for some advice on this one.

It was the lead headline in CNN politics section, followed by a series of Christie-bashing headlines like “Scandal burnishes image of Christie as bully” “Subdued Swagger” “Lots glad to see Christie comeuppance.”

Of course, then under their sub-headline, “Top Political News” they had to throw in a couple more Christie articles, just in case you passed over all the others.


Also on CNN, Paul Begala wrote a really unbelievable opinion piece that just ripped Christie. Here’s an excerpt:

To be fair, Christie faced a dilemma: Either admit to creating a climate of bullying, intimidation and political payback that led to the George Washington Bridge scandal, or claim that his staff and appointees disrupted traffic on the world’s busiest bridge as political punishment without his knowledge. In the business we call it a choice between being a crook or a schnook.

Hey, Begala, to be fair, how would you characterize the climate Obama has created in his scandal-ridden administration? How many pieces have you written on that?

On Anderson Coopers 360, here’s CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s comments as reported on Newsbusters: (The editorial comments are in the original Newsbusters article)

And in touting the uniqueness of the scandal, Toobin is either shockingly naive or blind to many political scandals:

“Look, I have covered politics. You have covered politics. I think I’m as cynical as the next person. Shutting down lanes on a bridge to punish a mayor who didn’t endorse you? I’ve never heard of anything like that before.”

Perhaps Toobin is the latter. In just the past year, he has shown an amazing double standard for scandals. For instance:

Of Benghazi, Toobin said in November “there is nothing there, in terms of a scandal.”

Last April, Toobin denied media bias was to blame for the blackout of the Gosnell abortion case. “I don’t buy that at all,” he insisted.

As the IRS scandal was breaking wide open last May, he scoffed at the notion that it was “earth-shaking” and called for “a little less hysteria.”

During the conversation, he also said:

Let’s hear Ms. Kelly under oath. He’s obviously throwing her under the bus now. Let’s hear what she has to say. Let’s hear what Mr. Wildstein has to say. I mean, this is devastating. Forget it.

Of course, now I see. This is why the Democrats never hold anyone accountable for anything, because if you catch someone lying and fire them, it’s considered “throwing them under the bus.”

The slant isn’t restricted to broadcast media. A simple Google search of the following terms had these results:

  •  Bridge scandal 689,000,000 results
  • IRS scandal 75,750,00 results
  • NSA scandal 177,000,000 results
  • Benghazi scandal 26,300,000 results

So the total of three of Obama’s scandals, in a google search, only come to 279,050,000, or 409,950,000 less than search items for the bridge scandal. If you include Chris Christie’s name in the bridge scandal, it’s even worse.

Yea, it’s on the news.

Reporters, you just passed lawyers on the scale of distrust.

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2 comments on “Bridge-nado, a media feeding frenzy to save Hillary.

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  2. JETSR says:

    Only in America can this senseless crap happen (bridge fiasco) and make more news than an IRS scandal, the deaths of American citizens, and national level spying on our population! Yes, it seems completely well timed and intended to provide a distraction that could benefit Hillary Clinton. Priceless…

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