The War on Christmas – Airheads and Atheists


Sad Santa

The phrase “War on Christmas” is a media invention created to get viewers and sell airtime. (Well, a Fox News invention anyway). They use the phrase in reference to instances in our society where individuals or institutions attempt to remove the Christian, religious references regarding the Christian holiday of Christmas. While there is not a conspiratorial “War on Christmas,” there are efforts to remove religious symbols regarding the holiday.

One such instance is the school in Connecticut where a teacher would not allow students to decorate a door (in a door-decorating contest) with any Santa-Claus or Christmas tree decorations, because “no such reference to Christmas would be allowed on the decorations on the door.” The Headmaster cited a school policy, stating “It is the policy of the Board of Education that no religious belief or non-belief will be promoted by the district or its employees and none will be disparaged.” The Headmaster went on to say that “We want people to be able to have a chance to celebrate, but just in a way that is not exclusionary,” he said. Apparently Santa Claus and Christmas trees are exclusionary. He continued:

The dilemma facing the school, is determining what represents a religious holiday decoration and what does not. Something like a wreath or candy canes or holly have no direct religious meaning so they would be allowed under the district policy,” he said. “But others may say that a Christmas tree would not exist unless you were talking about Christmas and they make the leap to the religious observance.

Let’s just review….”they make the leap to the religious observance.” This airhead offers this as justification for not using a Christmas tree on a door decoration. Because, for God’s sake, someone might make a connection to Christmas.

This is the level of ridiculousness that this has gone to and is also the type of thing that leads Fox to declare there’s a war on Christmas. The incident itself is startling, but what’s more startling is the thought process leading to it.  This is the kind of politically-correct, diversity obsessed thinking that creates problems where there are none. No Christmas Trees? No Santa Claus? On to the atheists.

This is really a different subject entirely, but I thought I’d just lump it in with nefarious Christmas haters. The American Atheist Association has put up a billboard in Time Square that says, “Who needs Christ during Christmas? Nobody” The sign animates by crossing out the “Christ” in Christmas and goes on to say what you can do during your atheist Christmas.

So, when I saw this on the news, I’m all for free speech and everything, but it just doesn’t make sense. “Christ” is part of the word. You can’t get around that. So, I looked into the association that posted this. The billboard was apparently posted by the “American Atheists.” I linked their website below. I really didn’t get why they wanted to attempt to offend others over Christmas. If you believe you’re a canned ham, what do you care what other people think?  Why would you want to rain on someone’s Christmas parade?

I found another atheist organization that started a billboard campaign in Sacramento. They are putting up about 55 billboards that they say are not “anti-God” but rather about being ok with not embracing a God.  Some of the quotes are: “A life of love, no Gods required,” “No Gods, no devils, no worries,” and “Live for now, not for after.” I don’t know, they sound a little anti-God to me.

Judy Saint (funny name for an atheist) is the president of the Greater Sacramento Chapter of Freedom from Religion Foundation. As a reason for the campaign, she says “There are a lot of non-believers and this time of year, they feel like they’re all alone.” Which to me is like saying “I’m not a football fan, so I think you should get rid of the Super Bowl. It just makes me feel alone every year when they play the game.” Listen, just go watch the Lifetime channel and leave the rest of us alone. If you’re not Irish do you feel alone on St. Patrick’s Day? How about Cinco de Mayo? Feeling left out yet?

The impression I get is that they’re angry. I’m not sure why they’re angry because no one’s making anyone believe anything. I went to the atheist web site, read through some of their stuff, and looked at their twitter feed. They are obviously happy to disrespect anyone else who holds a religious belief. Almost like they know they’re getting left out of a party, just don’t know why, so they want other people to stop having it. If someone’s an atheist, I got no problem with it, I just don’t know why they seem so angry and insulting towards other people who do believe in a higher power.

So that’s it, then. They feel left out. It sounds to me like someone needs a big ‘ol Christmas hug. C’mon, just one. After that we’ll have an eggnog and sing “Silent Night” around the manager scene.  It’ll be fun.

Back to the war on Christmas.

I have no problem with people that say “Happy Holidays.” These days, I figure if a person offers a friendly greeting of any type, I’ll take it.


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