Duck, dynasty

mandarin duck

Is this duck gay? If it is, can I still shoot it?

I don’t watch Duck Dynasty. I watched it once or twice, and I understand why it would entertain people, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Since everyone’s offering their opinion, I’ll offer mine.

Even though I think the basic facts of this situation are different from some others, this should come as no surprise to anyone.  This kind of thing has been happening for a while. The difference in this situation is that Robertson wasn’t fired just for what he said. He was fired for what he believes, and stating those beliefs in a magazine article. What he has been ‘suspended’ for was not anything that happened on the show. He was fired for his religious beliefs.

He didn’t utter any homosexual slurs. He didn’t call anyone any names. He stated his opinion on homosexuality. He said he didn’t understand homosexuality and that he believed it was a sin. Perhaps awkwardly, bluntly, but that’s what he did. Robertson comes from a deeply religious background.  So, A&E has fired a person for what they believe. He was fired for saying he didn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle. I have no doubt that A&E must have already known how Robertson felt about this issue. He didn’t arrive at these opinions recently.

It was a magazine article in GQ. The comments he made that got him suspended from his own show are but a small part of the context.  It just seems crazy he was suspended for something he said in a magazine article. He went on to describe other things that he considered sin as well: adulterers, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers. You should read it if you haven’t. I did and came away with a different perspective. Here it is:

People will say A&E has the right to do what they want. Sure. Wait until you get fired for something you say. Not something you say at work.

These actions come from the people that are really open-minded. As long as you agree with them.

This isn’t just about free speech. This is about trying to tell people how they should feel about something, what they should value and what their religious beliefs should be. People should be pissed. People should have been pissed a long time ago over political correctness and social agendas run amuck. The Robertson’s should take their show somewhere else.

I mean, after all, A&E, you have so many other quality shows, shows like:

  • Storage wars
  • Storage wars: New York
  • Storage wars: Texas
  • Shipping wars
  • Parking wars
  • Bad Ink
  • Barter Kings
  • American Hogger

In the meantime, actress Jennifer Lawrence wants to outlaw the word “fat” on TV.

Oh. Goodness.

7 comments on “Duck, dynasty

  1. fmlinardo says:

    This is nothing but publicity. His comments weren’t, but the way A&E is handling it is. He’s not been fired, he’s been suspended. A Duck Dynasty marathon is on for this weekend and the new shows already taped with him in it are airing in late Jan early Feb.

    He’ll be back, bank on it. A&E is.

    Not the thrust of your piece I know, just my .05 cent.

  2. whatshupp says:

    I know he wasn’t fired and they’re having a marathon. A&E are whores for running it. It’s still about beliefs

  3. […] a good piece on Robertson being suspended for his beliefs and the wrongness of that. Read it here: Duck Dynasty. I agree with Tony on this. I’m not a fan of slippery slope arguments but this feels like a […]

  4. ~Chris says:

    Matthew 10:16-23…but especially 22.

    Should we really be surprised?

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