Podcast Episode 27: Habemus a Budgeteum!

Release the white smoke! Habemus Budgeteum! We have a budget! Plus we have a podcast; episode 27 to be exact. You want to hear what we have to say, then follow instructions.

Click the link or chose other options below and listen to this podcast, unless of course you hate money.

Episode 27: Habemus a budgeteum!

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On to the tease…

Kiss the Ring!

Kiss the Ring!

Homo ex annum

Yeah the literal translation doesn’t work so well. No matter. My namesake, Pope Francis 1st, is Time’s Man of the Year for 2013. From the ridiculous rouges gallery of finalists including Syria’s Assad and Edward Snowden, who did you think it would be. This guy sneaks out in the middle of the night, shakes his security detail, all to feed the poor in the streets. Are you kidding me!





Lookin good Helen!

Clearly these three are a threat to freedom.

Praesidis sui photos

Latin makes anything look good, well except man of the year. But it does wonders for phrases like Presidential Selfies. Fox news goes batcrap crazy over a selfie pic by Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, British PM Cameron and our President, taken during Mandella’s memorial. No matter that Madiba’s legacy was trying to bring people and cultures together. Fox spends day and a half of coverage bemoaning the President’s actions. Dopes.



This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

Habemus a budgeteum!

We have a budget! Paul Ryan and Patty Murray finally get a budget hammered out. 1st one in the history of this administration. Problem – Ryan is an R, Murray is a D. The conservative criticism led by Hannity and Limbaugh was fast a furious. The bill passed the house in overwhelming numbers. Ryan missed it all though. He had to hustle back to Wisconsin to prepare for the primary challenge he’ll face from the Tea Party wing of the his own party.


All this and a bunch more on tonight’s episode of UNfiltered & UNfettered – The world explained, by us.

Episode 27: Habemus a budgeteum!

Then tell us what you think, ask questions, argue with us, mock us.  Do it in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com

8 comments on “Podcast Episode 27: Habemus a Budgeteum!

  1. Mark Baldini says:

    Time’s Man of the Year isn’t necessarily a positive thing. Others:
    1938 Adolf Hitler
    1939 Joseph Stalin
    1942 Joseph Stalin
    1957 Nikita Khrushchev
    1979 Ayatollah Khomeini

    I think Assad of Syria was a serious contender because of the mess over there.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Yeah, never said it was positive. Said the title implies a positive thing. It’s been awarded since 1927, 90 named person of the year with 4 years of multiple winners. The majority of winners were deemed to have a positive impact.

      • Mark Baldini says:

        Right, it’s who had a major impact in the world. No disrespect to your namesake, and it is a great thing that he does, but did it really have a big impact on the world? Whereas what is happening in Syria, further destabilizing the region, could be a sign of the Apocalypse.

        • fmlinardo says:

          True, true. I don’t think it has. But it’s all subjective really. Assad is effecting his country and a few others. Snowden on the other hand has impacted many more foreign countries, their security and spying apparatus and has ignited a debate on the legality of journalists gathering info for stories. The Pope, this Pope, will never impact the world like that. But to the people who don’t get in the news, who have no influence, the people living at the bottom of every society, they may feel differently.

          To me it ultimately depends on who you ask. Not unlike the Hall of Fame or Heisman voting; it means nothing but is fun to talk about/debate.

  2. whatshupp says:

    I haven’t given the Heisman any respect since they screwed Peyton Manning.

    • Mark Baldini says:

      Manning has done alright since not winning the Heisman, said the guy who lives 1 hour north of Mile High Stadium. >8-)

      • fmlinardo says:


        Look at the careers of the guys who come in 2nd. Most 2nd place heisman candidates go on to eclipse the winner by miles. 2nd place finishers in (). Hello Geno Torretta (Marshall Faulk), Mark Ingram (Toby Gerhart), Tim Tebow (Darren McFadden), Matt Leinhart (Adrian effing Peterson), Jason White (Larry Fitzgerald), Chris Wienke (Drew Brees).

        It’s staggering. Although Woodson has had a great career and is still playing, I think it’s safe to say Peyton has eclipsed him.

  3. whatshupp says:

    Yea, winning the Heisman has generally been a career-killer for quarterbacks

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