Lipstick on the Pig


How’s about a kiss, sweetie?

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You can even give it a bath and put a bow around it, but when you hold it down its still gonna squeal.

I’m going to start calling it “Nobamacare” for all those people who’ve lost their coverage. This post isn’t really about that. It’s more about what they’re saying about it.

So, regarding good old Nobamacare, Nancy Pelosi comes out the other day and says “A belt and suspenders, the President’s going to put on one, we’re going to put on the other, and everything will be under control.”

No, Nancy, it will not be under control. It won’t even be sort-of not messed up. It’s a long way from being anything but the proverbial train wreck. I would ask how she could say such a thing, but…we all know better.

So, Obama comes out with a stumbling, ambling press conference, that amounted to “this is broken and we’re trying to fix it but it doesn’t look good.” The President actually said “The Federal Government’s doesn’t procure technology well.” Unbelievable.  After all this time, it was hard for me to believe he said that. As if it’s part of the reason. I could see some low-level bureaucrat offering this gem up, but not the President of the United States.  After all this time, you would think someone would tell our supposedly well-spoken president, “ Well of all the things you could say, don’t say….that.” It’s just insulting. Did you not think of this three years ago? Here are some direct quotes from the President’s press conference.

The truth is that this is, number 1, very complicated. The website is doing a lot of stuff.

There’s a bunch of pieces to it that made  it challenging.

Really, he said this.

Combine that with the fact that the Federal Government does a lot of things well, one of the things it does not do well is information technology procurement. This is kind of a systematic problem across the board. It is not surprising, then, that there were going to be some problems.

Well, see, sir, your office is referred to as the “Chief Executive.” So, this is kind of your baby.

We have to ask ourselves some hard questions inside the White House as opposed to why we didn’t see more of these problems coming, earlier on,  a: so we could set expectations, b: so that we could look for different ways for people to end up applying.

Might have wanted to ask yourselves some hard questions a long time ago.

In terms of what happens on November 30 or December 1, it’s fair to say that the improvement will be marked and noticeable. The website will work much better on November 30 certainly than it worked on October 1st , that’s pretty low bar, it will be working a lot better than it was last week, it will be working better than it is this week. Which means that the majority of people that go to the website will see a website that is working the way it’s supposed to.


I think it is not possible for me to guarantee, that 100% of the people 100% of the time going on this website will have a perfectly seem less smooth experience.

I’m reminded of Paul Rudd’s character in Anchorman, when he puts on the cologne ‘Sex Panther’ and says “Sixty percent of the time, it works all the time.”

Wow, yes, these are things our articulate, super-smart, President said about an aspect of something he’s staked his presidency on.

It feels like I’m watching a movie, where the leaders are insane but people don’t really believe it. Its similar to some theories of cognitive dissonance. Which means we see something that our mind doesn’t quite comprehend, that’s in conflict with our beliefs, and we try to resolve the equation, relieve the mental discomfort, try to regain our sense of normalcy. Like “They can’t really be that insane, can they? No, they just couldn’t be.”

Back to Nancy. I think she must be bordering on getting on the “Biden Rules” list. You know, not allowed to speak to the press,  please don’t comment on anything important, stay in the office and enjoy another gin and tonic. That kind of thing.

Because Nancy thinks we can fix the “Bill that we must pass so that we can know what’s in it” with a belt and suspenders.

Not going to be that easy Nancy. You can put lipstick on a….on yeah, I already said that.

All right, try this… if you like your pig, you can keep your pig.

3 comments on “Lipstick on the Pig

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  2. JETSR says:

    Well said. I tried to write some thoughts myself but could only find expletives to articulate my personal feelings for Nancy Pelosi’s performance on Sunday’s MTP. She really is just a Presidential Parrot. The ACA is crap and will be a sticky booger for America for a long time. The Prez needs to remember the phrase, “when you want something really bad that is usually how you get it.”

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