Dear Patriot…

Election-DayIt’s election day and that’s always a good day.

It’s only made better when you receive an email from the Virginia Republican Party that opens with “Dear Patriot…”

Sadly it’s all downhill from there.

I have been silent on this page for a while now.

It’s the lying.

And the deception.

And the cover ups.

And the lying to cover up the cover ups.

Then the blame because we don’t understand.

And then invariably more lying.

I have no words for what is going on in our government right now. Conservatives, liberals, tea partier’s, progressives, republican, democrat, is anyone telling the truth at this point?

I have been in the Jimmy Carter malaise for about 2 months now.  Read it here if you like: The Malaise Speech

Well this e-mail from Dennis Whitfield, chairman of the Republican Political Action Committee The Last Resistance, has snapped me out of my funk. I’ve been un-malaised, as it were.

Dennis has taken this opportunity of lies and deception by the President to fire of a ton of his own. Ya know because taking the high ground would be the smarter path.

Old Denny is still peddling the theory that liberals are engaging in voter fraud and will steal the Virginia Governors race if we don’t fight them. The President himself, according to Dennis, is leading the charge to beat Cuccinelli in an effort to save Obamacare. Not sure how he arrives at that conclusion. Apparently he needs exactly $9,857 immediately to get lawyers on the ground at the polling places to fight the surge in voter fraud perpetrated by liberals.

That last sentence is the main reason I left the Republican Party. They think we are all stupid. Folks if you think voter fraud occurs more than once in a millennia you should send your last $9,857 American dollars to Dennis right this minute. You two deserve each other.

Ken Cuccinelli will lose to liberal Terry McAullif in the VA Governors race because Ken endorsed the gov’t shutdown in a state overrun with government workers, had Ted Cruz speak at a Virginia fund raiser, is way more corrupt than McCauliff, and is dealing with the last Governor’s image; a republican caught in some shady business dealings.

But Dennis goes on in his email to say the liberals are bringing outside money to Virginia to steal the election. Hey Dennis, I live in Tennessee and have only had two established residences, Mays Landing NJ, and Knoxville TN. My money would be outside money. And newsflash Dennis, the White House is basically in Virginia, it’s certainly closer than Ted Cruz’s congressional district in Texas. So where is the outside money coming from again Denny?

Jesus Christ these guys are unbelievable.

My question is this, why are we wasting our time on people like Ken Cuccinelli and Ted Cruz. Neither man has the stones to do what’s right. For all their bluster they’ve done and will do nothing about any of the things they are flapping their gums about.

The President has been lying for three years about Obamacare. OK, he ain’t the first guy to do that. Thousands of families are missing loved ones because President Bush lied us into a war with Iraq. But this isn’t about equivalency or who did it first. President Obama was right when he said he would take no action against any member of the previous administration. Nothing to be gained in prosecuting the past.

But this isn’t the past. The current President has not only lied but he has used the power of his office to put pressure on Tea Party groups applying for tax status. Now we find he has used the extreme power of the White House to threaten insurance companies with extinction if they told us 80% of the country would lose their healthcare policy even though the President as late as this year was saying exactly the opposite.

Gang, lying is a part of politics. But on two occasions the President used his office to coerce/intimidate his political adversaries and private business. That’s against the law and as such grounds for impeachment.

Here is what will come of it: nothing. It’s not because Obama is a mastermind and the greatest villain of our age. Sadly it’s quite the opposite. No one will take this up because of the political price that will be paid. These so called old fashioned values conservatives are doing the math. No way they can get the votes for impeachment in the Senate. So they just drop it knowing it will cost them their chance at reelection if they don’t. Yeah for values.

Not sure what type of values those are, or where in the constitution it says to hold the President accountable unless it becomes politically dangerous to your continued employment in the Senate or House.

But hey, they’re the geniuses.

So here’s my advice to all y’all. Find someone with honor and principal but knows that governing is like marriage, compromise is a must. Support that person in their bid to get elected.

Don’t worry about the other guy. Win because your ideas are better, not because your smear machine is.

This system is still the greatest form of government in the world. It’ll continue to be as long as we work to make it so.

It’s election day.

Go vote.

Check back here for results. If you have a particular race you’re interested in put it in the comment section and we’ll get all the info for you.

2 comments on “Dear Patriot…

  1. Kay says:

    Great piece on what’s up in the White House. We all know why an impeachment wouldn’t take place…trying not to state the obvious.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Thanks Kay. I’m not so sure it is obvious. I think too many people believe the President is somehow controlling that. He’s not. He can’t. The cowardice of some of the biggest republican mouths in the senate and house are what’s keeping a move toward impeachment from happening.

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