Licensing illegally, and unregistered Democrats


California is in the process of trying to pass a bill that allows illegal aliens to get a driver’s license. There are a small number of states that offer this.

Obviously, and disturbingly, there are some issues here. One is that federal requirements adopted after 9/11 require applicants for a government-issued identification to submit certain documents, like a Social Security number and evidence of lawful status, that illegal aliens don’t have. So uh, you know, might be a reason for that.

The license has to be distinguishable from a regular license and must be noted that it can’t be used for federal identification.  This is disturbing to people supporting this because this would distinguish these people as illegal immigrants, and expose them to potential identification for deportation. Well for God’s sake we wouldn’t want that. You wouldn’t want anything that identifies these people as NOT BEING CITIZENS of our country….oh for !$@#$@$#$@#$ sakes out loud.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, said “ The concerns that I heard were that activist leaders who were concerned this is some kind of labeling of a class of folks, some imprint.” Yes, you know, like “illegal alien,” “Not citizens of our country.”

New Mexico has offered licenses to illegal aliens since 2003.  In addition to non-residents who travel there just to get a license, this has given rise to a criminal element that produce fraudulent documents the strains the New Mexico motor division and law enforcement. Check it out, it’s a mess. The state of Washington has faced similar issues around the issuance of driver’s licenses.  They’ve even barred the use of state funds to do an end-around concerning the federal identification law.

There has to be some logic applied to the situation. If a person wants to be here, they should also want to be a citizen and engage in the process. Language, culture, borders. It’s what makes a country. If you think that concept is somehow troglodytic, you’re out of touch with reality. No country in the world just allows people to tramp across their border, set up shop, and stay without even attempting to become a citizen.

America’s been about immigration from the start.  Even as a conservative, I’ve tried to be understanding with the illegal immigration issue.  A lot of these people are just folks looking for a better life.  I get that. Then, something like this always come up and forces me to abandon any attempt to be reasonable and logical, and you just wind up planting a flag. Lunacy doesn’t respect logic.

Why is it so radical that some of us expect that people living in our country should become citizens, or be made to go back to their own country?

ellis Island

Ellis Island: If you just snuck across the border today, you could get a driver’s license

What happens when one of these people getting these fake drivers licenses blows something, or someone, up? Are you politicians going to own up? Oh, there’s a lot of issues here. I’ll just leave it.

When you think of Ellis Island, yea, that’s grand and noble, all those people that came through there, started out, immigrated to our country to become citizens.  This disrespects all those people.

All of the people that say they “Support the troops” and support this are just rattling bullshit when you disrespect them by not honoring the fact that what they sacrificed, they sacrificed for America and Americans. If you want to be here, you should want to, and become, one of us. Or leave.


You may have noticed that I continue to use the phrase “illegal alien.”

The media has gone from “illegal alien” to “undocumented worker” to “undocumented immigrant” (because hey, we don’t want to imply they all have to have jobs) to “non-citizen.”

We should just call them what they are. “Unregistered Democrats.”

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