I still don’t get it…

Is it OK to kill them now?

Is it OK to kill them now?

Hupp likes to say that my favorite topic is beating up on the birthers and all the famous people, celebrities, etc… that support the birthers.

Well he’s right.

As much joy as I get from that topic, I get an equal amount of distress from this one.

I wrote about this before.  It was a hot topic for a brief second.  No one is talking now because a loud mouth, know nothing, state senator from Texas wearing pink Nikes isn’t talking about it anymore.  She may not even run for Governor now.  Thank God for small miracles.

This is a quick one.  But be advised if you don’t have the sand for a political post about abortion, better stop reading now.

How on earth can anyone say it’s OK to kill these three kids?

Being overly dramatic you say?  Maybe.  But my fellow Americans, right now 17 states in this Union say it’s legal to kill these three kids on the day they were born.  The girl on the left is my daughter, Anne Marie.  These three were born at University of Tennessee Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in 2012.  All three were born before 26 weeks gestation.  All three were a pound and a half or smaller, and all three 12 inches long or smaller when born.

The picture above was taken today, 15 September 2013.  It also happens to be National NICU Nurses Day.  Several families return to the NICU where their kids were born for a variety of reasons. We go back on AM’s birthday and the anniversary of the day she was discharged and today of course.  The nurses in the NICU saved her life several times during her 5 month stay.

I would like to say to all the people who say a child born before 26 weeks can’t survive on their own outside the womb as a defense of late term abortion – you have not the first clue about which you speak. The rest of us would kindly like you to STFU.

And since these morons like to split hairs, let’s split this one.  A baby born at 40 weeks or full term can’t survive outside the womb on their own either.  They still must be cared for 24hrs a day, clothed, fed, protected, and cleaned or surprisingly they will die.

I understand the dire predicament of choosing between the life of the mother and the baby.  My wife still hopped up on drugs, it fell to me to tell the docs it was time to stop life saving procedures on Anne Marie’s twin sister Linda Claire.  So I am familiar with decisions of this type.  To you who face such decisions I say, peace be with you, do what you think is right.  No one has the right to judge you.

I only wish the majority of late term abortions were due to the mind numbing, unimaginable decision between baby or mother.  Sadly the trial of murderer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell from Philadelphia proves that this is not the case.

Look at that picture again.  17 states still say it’s OK to kill them at the time of their birth.  Don’t think they could feel pain at 25 weeks.  Watch a 25 week old baby cry when stuck with a needle to draw blood and tell me they don’t feel pain.  And while we’re at it, does any intelligent individual even buy the premise that lacking the ability to feel pain makes it OK to kill a another human being?  I know people advance that ridiculous notion but surely they can’t actually believe that stupidity, can they?  I mean I thought they just said that dumb crap in an attempt to win the argument, or maybe make themselves feel better so they could sleep at night. I can’t imagine the dreams or nightmares that are conjured up by the subconsciouses of the people who claim it’s ok to kill babies.

LOOK AT IT!  They are people. Real, living, breathing, people.  All three have a lot in common.   All three are survivors, all three are thriving today.

The other thing they have in common?  On the day of their birth, 17 U.S. states say it would have been perfectly legal to kill all three of them before they left the womb.

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

2 comments on “I still don’t get it…

  1. Karin Porter says:

    I am totally with you on this one, Linardo. Totally. Fortunately, my kids were both born at term, but many of my friends’ kids’ weren’t. I get it. Praise God for you and your family, and bless you for the decisions you had to make for your family. And bless NICU nurses, everywhere. They are truly angels

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