Syria, a big gamble, and “I’m in a pickle here…”

This is definitely huge political intrigue. If you’re at all interested in political workings of major significance, this one is unfolding before your eyes.

Obama has sought congressional approval to strike Syria. It is looking doubtful at this point that he’ll get it.  Obama plans to address the American public to see if he can win public support. Winning public support, at his point, is also looking doubtful. It is doubtful that people who oppose Obama will change their minds and decide to support him. At least in part, among other things, because as we outlined in our podcast (didn’t listen? Shame on you) there are no good guys in this situation. Of those who support Obama, many are already against the strike and have voiced that opinion.

Obama said on Aug 31 that the U.S. should act, but also said he wanted congressional support. Well, apparently, even with support from places he might not have expected, that’s not gone that well.

So, it’s possible the Obama could wind up without congressional support or popular support. And he’s drawn a “red line” regarding the issue. Again, if you listened to the podcast, you know that Obama doubled-back and said that the world drew the red line, not just him. While that may be true, he’s the one that brought it to the forefront and made it the issue.

While the military will do what they’re told and do it well, after the congressional hearing it’s apparent they are not in lock-step with the administration either.

Anyway, its likely the Obama administration has painted themselves in a corner. Which is not a surprise to those of us who’ve followed this administration. Given the situation, he may have to decide how to proceed with very little support from any corner.

The administration fashions themselves as intellectual elites. “If you don’t believe what we believe, it’s because you’re not as smart as we are,” is kind of their mantra. They are great campaigners, selling lofty ideals and B.S. promises to other intellectuals and have-nots. Well, this is a real situation,  serious stuff, and it’s in the hands of people who can get elected class president, but have no idea what to do when the shit hits the fan. So, in a situation like this, they obviously are not sure how to proceed or even win support. And John Kerry is secretary of state. Francis, I’ll assume that we would be in agreement, in that, if Hillary was still secretary, she at least might have some idea how to proceed.

As of this morning, the chief of staff is supposed to go on all the Sunday morning talk shows in an effort to make their case.  The White House is preparing an all-out media blitz, so things could change.

Meanwhile, Russian and Chinese warships are heading toward Syria. A tense situation poised for escalation.


5 comments on “Syria, a big gamble, and “I’m in a pickle here…”

  1. JETSR says:

    I like your thoughts Tony. Interesting that the administration thinks they are so smart yet they perform with stupidity in many situations! It has been tough on America to have to experience the President’s mentoring. Hopefully we will not elect another President with zero leadership or real work experience.

  2. ~Chris says:

    Really scared here. No secret that I disagree with our President on virtually everything, but now I’m just plain scared.

    Politics aside (if that’s possible), I just don’t trust that he knows what he’s doing. Pure and honest.

  3. fmlinardo says:

    Called it months ago, before his confirmation hearing. Mr Kerry you are no Hill-dogg, and the country may be worse off because of it.

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